What Lies Beneath

November 17, 2019
Dallas Morning News, November 17, 2019 (Page 2E)

Annette Lawrence's new body of work features elaborate grids, graphs, drawings and acrylic paintings, offering a quite personal and unique expression of time-based strategies in conceptual art. Over a six-month period, she tracked the time, date and length of her telephone conversations with a single person. This information is tallied and graphed, via various manifestations, into imagery corresponding to the data. Lines and visual artifacts in the pieces themselves are aggregates of temporal experience. An inherent complexity informs their beauty, which belies the underlying web of mundane information that may not even be necessary to appreciate the work at first. As in the past, she has collected source material from life events and accumulated ephemera. They are transformed in the new exhibition, "Exception: Works on linen and Paper" into compelling abstractions, seamlessly informed by virtually invisible content. Two mysterious paintings realized through an acrylic transfer process, Blue Line and Red Line, are capstone pieces in this show that compel the irresistible question, what exactly were those conversations about?

Details: Through Nov. 30 at Conduit Gallery, 1626-C Hi Line Dr., conduitgallery.com — John Zotos